#BeaShowstopper for the International Women's Day!

Yesterday ADDITION ELLE launched an innovative social media campaign for their latest Spring lingerie line, showcasing some of the top plus size fashion bloggers. This exciting collaboration arrives right on time for the International Women's Day, as the bloggeres channelled their inner diva to remind all women what it is to #BeaShowstopper, no matter their body type!



The premise was simple; ADDITION ELLE challenged the plus size fashion blogger community to participate in a lingerie shoot and share the images with their fan base and in turn ADDITION ELLE would showcase the images on their web-site and in their digital media campaign inviting fans to vote on their favourite bra. But what do the three bloggers have in common? Sarah St-Fleur (Queen Sized Flava), Karyn Johnson (Killer Kurves) and Nadia Aboulhosn (Nadiaaboulhosn.com) all share a passion for fashion, and the confidence and style that comes from feeling comfortable and beautiful in their clothes. Posing for Addition Elle's Spring lingerie, they also stand against the popular misconception that sexiness is limited to a certain body type or size. This point of view is also shared by Roslyn Griner, Vice President of Marketing and Visual Presentation for ADDITION ELLE. Roslyn explains: “This campaign is exciting first for our brand projecting a sexy, tasteful image of three daring, beautiful young women in our lingerie removing the size taboo that still exists in the fashion industry’s paradigm of what is considered to be beautiful and sexy. We think this campaign is ground breaking and represents what it truly means to be a Showstopper beauty.”


This is a truly inspiring message for all women, especially in this special day. Many will finally be able to identify themselves in the campaign by seeing a real-world perspective of women with curves, as explains the spokesperson and model Karyn Johnson. The digital and social advertising will drive women to participate in the ultimate bra vote on Beashowstopper.com which is linked to ADDITION ELLE’s website. Customers are invited to vote for their favourite bra picks from the new ADDITION ELLE Spring 2013 collection by clicking "Like" on the styles that they love. Each participant will receive a $20 discount coupon which they may use for their next ADDITION ELLE purchase, until April 15; an excellent reason to make every woman feel like she can #BeaShowstopper for the International's Women Day.








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