Let’s Tag Along Centropolis to Celebrate The Summer Solstice!


The Summer Solstice Celebration: A First Edition

On June 21st, Centropolis turns time to summer o’ clock. The longest day of the year will be spent under fairylike summer heat, favourable to friendly meetings and gatherings in a warm atmosphere. From dawn until dusk, solstice celebrators will be greeted with a bunch of activities for friends and the whole family. Eventful hours from 6:00 to 22:00 welcome you with free activities, outdoor yoga, children make-up, 5@7 to the beat of DJ spins, festive terraces, percussions workshops animated by Jam Experience, and many more. Moreover, with the collaboration of painter and enameller Bernard Séguin Poirier, everyone will be invited to participate in making little enamelled pieces that the artist will later gather to conceive a collective work of art. This project will also be permanently presented on the Centropolis website. Sunset will call the end of this festive day with an ardent evening, in the company of street artists and musical performances all over the rooftops and around the fountain.






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