This season, give with a capital V with Vinum!


To please food lovers, those with refined taste, those with a passion for great vintage, and the epicurians on your list, VINUM offers a range of great gift ideas that will attest to your good taste. Whether it’s for serving wines and spirits, tastings and discoveries, the art of entertaining and orchestrating things well, or even to surprise those who already have everything, a visit to VINUM is a must—in person in Sillery or downtown Montréal, or even on-line.

VINUM’s virtual boutique, at awaits you with hundreds of wine tasting and preservation products. The site offers a wide variety of specialized glassware, decanters, about ten different wine cellar models, custom-made wine cellar accessories, bottle stands, and even custom-made wine cellars! The new website has distinguished VINUM as THE place for wine lovers, from novices to seasoned connoisseurs.





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