Chic Design Velour Backdrop

Velour is one of the rare fabrics that are both noble and timeless. Set here on an emerald backdrop, velour takes on the allure of a true gem. “Velour currently sits enthroned at the pinnacle of world trends when in comes to designer furniture,” explains Johannes Kau, president of Mobilia and passion-driven entrepreneur who travels the world in search of treasures that enrich and beautify everyday life.

As interior design trends towards dark, enwrapping decors, velour sneaks back onto the scene. Voluptuous and a tad theatrical, velour can be used sparingly or heavily to suit your tastes and creative desires.

Whether creating a retro-chic living room or dining room with the Scott and Snazzy accent chairs, or going all out in the bedroom for a soft, cozy feel, velour brings with it style and elegance.

“Velour instantly creates a stylish, sensory-rich decor,” says Marie-Hélène Trottier, creative director for Mobilia at Jump & Love. It gives character to living spaces, especially when paired with shiny or reflective materials, like gold finishes or mirrors!”

And those who love velour also have a thing for marble; together, these materials express the very quintessence of glamour and elegance! 





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