Mobilia’s booth at the Interior Design Show in Toronto on January 17-20, 2019, invited visitors on an immersive tour into the Modern India collection: the captivating new co-created furniture collection by Mobilia. This year’s booth was again the brainchild of Montreal agency Jump&Love. The structure was the ideal setting to showcase this collaboration. The Modern India collection is the culmination of a shared voyage of discovery by Mobilia and Calgary-based interior designer and style expert Aly Velji. Cultures and eras collide and fuse in this imaginative décor inspired by India’s rich architectural heritage with its colours, textures and intricate patterns. “We wanted to take visitors on a trip and create an immersive experience into The Mordern India collection” said Johannes Kau, President at Mobilia.



For both Velji and Kau, travel is a major source of renewal and inspiration and their aims in this venture were very much in harmony. “Mobilia was the perfect partner for this project,” Velji said. “It was lovely to be there with Johannes and the buyers to be able to explore possibilities and talk over what would work and what wouldn’t.”

The trip to India with Mobilia was the first time Velji set foot in the land of his ancestors and it was a moving experience for him at a very personal level, in addition to nourishing his professional imagination. He was overwhelmed in the most positive way by the profusion of sights and smells, textures and textiles, materials and patterns as well as by the long and living tradition of expert craftsmanship.

 The fruit of this fertile collaboration between Mobilia and Velji are striking and original pieces of great character and warmth that lend a touch of poetry and mystery to any décor that can easily be integrated into any space. Just as those artisans they encountered transform reclaimed architectural elements into unique objets d’art, so the MODERN INDIA collection weds the modern and the traditional in one-of-a-kind pieces that are at once original and timeless. Its top-grade tables, cabinets, chests and console tables are infused with the flavors of Indian culture and history, from the arch-like forms to the green marble with its tree-like vein structure and from the bleached and sculpted wood to the gold-painted metal. And these functional pieces. “Working with Aly Velji to create this landmark collection has been an amazing adventure for us,” said Kau, “and I know our customers will enjoy exploring the exciting destination that is Mobilia’s MODERN INDIA.”

Comprising 15 SKUS, the MODERN lNDIA collection is now available in stores.

The selection of items varies from store to store as each piece is unlike any other.

“With the MODERN INDIA collection, the challenge was to introduce some of these elements into contemporary furniture pieces that are within reach for consumers and to offer a contemporary take on a traditional Indian aesthetic,” noted Kau.


Founded in Montreal by Hans Kau in 1966, Mobilia is a family-run business with eight locations in Quebec and Ontario. Mobilia invites its customers to draw inspiration from the worlds of style across place and time to create a world of their own. Their outstanding quality-price-style ratio can be found in stores and online with shipping across Canada at

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