What We Do

Our mission? To provide expert PR initiatives tailored to our clients’ specific needs based on their current situation as well as business and marketing objectives. At VROY agency, we emphasize tailored consulting services on every angle: press relations, crisis management and control, social media, content creation, and event planning.


VROY benefits from a solid network of contacts and holds privileged relationships with Canadian journalists, bloggers, trendsetters and new media platforms. Through its unmatched expertise in press relations, the agency is able to develop targeted and creative campaigns to offer its clients maximum cross-platform media visibility and outreach.


The agency pioneers innovative concepts and cross-platform tactics that promote brand outreach. To develop your influence marketing, VROY leverages its vast network of trendsetters, bloggers and celebrities who cater to a number of different target audiences through various platforms. Decisions are made with careful consideration of the brand’s values and DNA.


By identifying potential customers and defining sales funnels, VROY implements a strategy and executes lead generation programs on various platforms.


How to impose a brand, a concept? How to convey a message to various targets? Which platform should be used? VROY listens to the client and analyzes the situation before building a detailed communications plan with objectives that meet the client’s needs.


Press breakfast coordination, promotional launches, event management, press conference organization... VROY takes charge of event planning and logistics to amplify your notoriety.


The agency deploys a wide array of content creation tools to increase the global reach of brands. VROY boasts a team of skilled individuals who offer integrated expertise, including creation, editorial and graphics integration services, to convey its clients’ key messages.


VROY develops and makes effective use of all the online tools necessary to manage online reputation and to expand the reach of its clients’ digital image. Natural referencing, retargeting and digital campaigns are but a few of the numerous formulas used.


VROY knows that effective internal communications are essential for increasing employee commitment and spreading corporate culture and values. Intranet, social networks, newsletters... These are among the many tools employed by the agency to address business needs


The agency’s intimate knowledge of media enables it to provide proper training to business leaders for communicating clear, meaningful messages during interviews or public appearances. VROY makes skillful use of its expertise to teach leaders the proper skills for delivering strong public communications.


Our media-buying service springboards brand visibility throughout media clusters. Using market research, VROY targets the client’s audience base by delivering content in tune with the brand’s values. The agency acts as a strategic advisor, working with the client’s budget and objectives towards maximizing media placement.


VROY deploys all the tools needed to implement an effective and innovative social media strategy. Whether for promotional campaigns, content creation or strategy reviews, the agency provides in-depth support to its clients throughout the entire development of their online reputation.


Cross-promotion is a powerful strategy for stepping up communications. When two businesses share a common marketing target and complementary DNA, brand reach experiences superior expansion. More than a simple partnership, this cross marketing method shapes a long-term growth strategy.


The agency performs ongoing analysis of its clients’ environments in order to identify possible issues and undertake preventive action. In the event of a crisis management situation, VROY Communications reacts quickly and efficiently to put a stop to the situation, to minimize any damages and to restore the client’s reputation.